Friday, August 14, 2015

Most Neglected Year Ever

Got the cover off the boat in April, and managed to get the bottom painted before launch (but little else done in the way of repairs or upkeep). The boat was launched on May 1st, and I'm embarrassed to say we didn't get out on the water until June this year. We made an attempt in late May to take her out, but when we got out to Muskegon, Tim had forgotten to bring the keys, so we just spent some time on the beach with the dog. So our first official sail was on June 15 or 22 (I've already forgotten the exact date). We went out for a brief 2 hour sail back and forth across Lake Muskegon. We still seemed to remember how do it, but the exit and return to the slip was a little sloppy. Got a comment from a neighboring sailor to the effect of "I wasn't sure if anyone owned that boat".

In late July, we managed to get out for a 3 day weekend. The weather was not cooperative, but we sailed up to White Lake (or almost up there) anyways. The waves on Friday were 3-5 feet, so we just hung out on the boat and did some tidying up, spent the night and then got up and sailed on Saturday from around 10-3. The waves were still pretty big (I'd say 2-4 ft) and the wind was pretty steady at about 12 knots from the northwest. We managed an average speed of 3.5 on the way north to White Lake channel, and then once we got there, thinking we didn't want to get stranded up there if the weather got even worse, turned around and sailed back to Muskegon. The trip home was a wild sleigh ride, surfing the waves and getting up to speeds of 7.5 knots. The entrance to Muskegon Lake was a bit hairy, and we got a little snippy with each on the maneuvers, but the verbal storms quickly subsided as they usually do and we had a pretty uneventful return to our slip, a visit to the dog beach with Lady and then the tired crew headed home to recuperate on Sunday.

Another year of feeling like we've been neglecting the boat, and wasting money on this slip, and thinking it is time to sell this albatross. It just seems like a better use of the money, if we merely chartered from here on out, in more interesting locations, rather than keep shoveling money into Muskegon harbor. We keep talking about it, but I haven't quite pulled the trigger on a 'boat listing' yet. Lot of good memories in this boat from the past 11 years.