Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Launch 2014

A hard winter, with record snowfalls, and Dad passing away on New Years Day, and the funeral and estate to deal with in the aftermath. However, spring is finally here, and we managed to get the boat launched before Memorial Day this year. We barely had time to get her ready this year, with a single visit to take the boat cover off and tidy up her lines (Bud helped with this task, as Terri was busy working). Somehow over the winter, the halyard worked itself loose and got both very chaffed against the neighboring boat, and lodged the halyard shackle up at the top of the mast. Couldn't get the shackle down on our own, and debated buying a bosun's chair to try and dislodge it ourselves, but decided to let Torreson's take care of it instead.

We got launched the week before Memorial Day, and we managed to get down on Friday to put up the headsail and check the mooring lines. Rather cold and no wind, so decided against taking her out for a test sail. On Wednesday morning after the holiday, Tim and Terri drove down early to take the boat over to Torreson's. Had trouble starting the engine, and asked the marina for a jump, but found out that it was just a matter of the kill switch being stuck that was keeping the engine from turning over. We started motoring across to the other marina, but then the engine started overheating, and we had to shut down and sail with the headsail over to Torreson's. (at least with all this engine trouble, we are getting pretty good at sailing into the dock). Our original plan was to hang around while they replaced the halyard and rescued our shackle, but with the engine problem added to the mix, we asked them to take a look at it and deliver it back to Great Lakes Marina when they were finished.