Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monday Cleaning and Short Sail

Probably should have come out on Sunday, the weather was beautiful, but we ended up going to Muskegon on Monday afternoon. We spend a good hour or so cleaning out the interior of the boat (walls were rather mildewed), and she smells so much better inside now. Took the boat out for a short hour and a half sail on Lake Muskegon. The wind was manageable, but it had a spooky feeling to it, like it was going to blow up a storm at any time. Terri once again took the boat out of the slip (and she's going to continue doing it until she gets comfortable at it), and once past the Clipper we raised the sails and did a short jaunt across the lake and back. Got up to about 5 knots for most of the sail, winds were around 10-15 and a little gusty at times. On the return trip I thought I'd try 'heaving to' again, since it went so well last week, but couldn't quite make it work. Ended up just dousing the sails and flaking them and sailed back to the marina on the headsail. Used the motor to enter the slip this time (and gave the boat's nose a slight ding on the docks in the process). Looking forward to coming out and spending an overnight aboard sometime soon. This coming weekend isn't looking promising thought. The Van Otterens may be coming out for a sail the week after next. (battery 1)

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