Tuesday, July 8, 2014

At Long Last

Finally got out for our first official 'sail' of the season on July 7. Sunny and nearly cloudless and a steady 9 mph wind out of the SW. We had Terri take us out of the slip today, and we raised the main just outside of the marina entrance (doing the usual 'first sail adjustments' to the reefing lines and topping lift), and our headsail furling mechanism was a bit fouled up, but it was still functional, so we fixed it when we returned to the marina. We tooled back and forth across Lake Muskegon a couple times practicing our 'coming about' maneuvers and assuring ourselves that we haven't completely forgotten how to do this stuff. Got even more ambitious as we were returning to the marina, and did a 'heave to' maneuver so we could furl the main, and we then sailed back into our slip 'just for fun' using only the headsail. (kind of a 'canadian girlfriend' situation, since there was no one around to marvel at how smoothly we did it). Then took Lady down to the dog beach for a dip, and then to the 'frosty oasis' for a few ice cream dips. Beautiful afternoon. (battery 2)

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