Thursday, July 31, 2014

Short Thursday Sail

Got out on the last day of July for a short sail around Lake Muskegon. Had better luck with 'heaving to' today, and our tacking and 'coming about' maneuvers were pretty smooth. A little bumpy coming in and out of the slip though.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monday Cleaning and Short Sail

Probably should have come out on Sunday, the weather was beautiful, but we ended up going to Muskegon on Monday afternoon. We spend a good hour or so cleaning out the interior of the boat (walls were rather mildewed), and she smells so much better inside now. Took the boat out for a short hour and a half sail on Lake Muskegon. The wind was manageable, but it had a spooky feeling to it, like it was going to blow up a storm at any time. Terri once again took the boat out of the slip (and she's going to continue doing it until she gets comfortable at it), and once past the Clipper we raised the sails and did a short jaunt across the lake and back. Got up to about 5 knots for most of the sail, winds were around 10-15 and a little gusty at times. On the return trip I thought I'd try 'heaving to' again, since it went so well last week, but couldn't quite make it work. Ended up just dousing the sails and flaking them and sailed back to the marina on the headsail. Used the motor to enter the slip this time (and gave the boat's nose a slight ding on the docks in the process). Looking forward to coming out and spending an overnight aboard sometime soon. This coming weekend isn't looking promising thought. The Van Otterens may be coming out for a sail the week after next. (battery 1)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

At Long Last

Finally got out for our first official 'sail' of the season on July 7. Sunny and nearly cloudless and a steady 9 mph wind out of the SW. We had Terri take us out of the slip today, and we raised the main just outside of the marina entrance (doing the usual 'first sail adjustments' to the reefing lines and topping lift), and our headsail furling mechanism was a bit fouled up, but it was still functional, so we fixed it when we returned to the marina. We tooled back and forth across Lake Muskegon a couple times practicing our 'coming about' maneuvers and assuring ourselves that we haven't completely forgotten how to do this stuff. Got even more ambitious as we were returning to the marina, and did a 'heave to' maneuver so we could furl the main, and we then sailed back into our slip 'just for fun' using only the headsail. (kind of a 'canadian girlfriend' situation, since there was no one around to marvel at how smoothly we did it). Then took Lady down to the dog beach for a dip, and then to the 'frosty oasis' for a few ice cream dips. Beautiful afternoon. (battery 2)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


On a whim Friday afternoon, I rode my bike out to Muskegon. Spent the night on the boat. Terri rode out via car to take me to dinner across the street at one of the local grub pubs. Filled and flushed the water tanks and made a small start on cleaning out the mildew on the walls. A pleasant night rocking to sleep, and then up at 5:30 am for the long 5 hour bike ride home. Total distance biked 83 miles round trip. Not sure when we can get back here to actually sail for the first time this season (not counting our headsail trip to Torreson for the halyard repair). Weather has been either stormy or dead calm the past week.