Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Launch & first sail

I believe this is the latest we've ever launched the boat. Got a bit behind this year on boat prep, and everything associated with it, and it eventually went in on May 31. We were busy on Memorial Day weekend, and the following weekend was Festival, so our first sail this year took place on June 11. We invited the Van Otterens out for a Tuesday sunset cruise since band practice was cancelled for that day. Had the lake to ourselves. The winds were light and the breeze a little chilly, but we managed to get the boat up to about 5 knots at times, averaging about 3 and a half. We were able to sail partially down the channel towards the big lake, but then once out on it, the waves seemed a bit overwhelming so we tucked tail and headed back to Lake Muskegon. On the way back in the channel, we managed to sail all the way, and then the breeze started picking up a bit so Tim flaked the main and we proceeded back towards the marina under just the headsail (which proved to be a mistake, as the boat's speed suffered greatly on the return trip). We then decided since the breeze was ideal, to take the boat into the slip under sail, just for the experience (this being our third time doing this, and it seems each time was with an audience). Handed over the tiller to Craig once we raised the sails, and he pretty much captained the vessel the entire excursion, and he seemed to be having a pretty good time of it. I just insisted on taking over for the slip exit and entrance. Battery 2.