Monday, September 30, 2013

Bittersweet Late September Sail

Been a very hectic couple of months, so we missed all of August and most of September (and from talking to our neighbor at the marina, it sounds like a lot of people were in the same situation this past summer). We originally had planned on sailing on Saturday with a friend of ours, but once again, something came up and cancelled those plans. Came out on Sunday instead, despite questionable weather (looked overcast and dreary in the morning, and not much wind to speak of in the afternoon, despite the sun coming out). Got out to Muskegon around 2ish, and took a drive down to the big lake to see what the conditions were like (not many boats out there and there were quite a few whitecaps out on the lake), and then back to the marina (lake muskegon however looked promising). Took out the boat out of the slip (after wiping away countless spiderwebs and killing more than a few giant spiders), and she really didn't want to back up the way I wanted her to, so we did a complete 180 turn in the marina lane and headed out past the Milwaukee Clipper into Lake Muskegon. Not very ambitious today, and more than a little nervous and tentative after having been away so long, so just raised the main and puttered around the lake at probably 2 knots of speed for a couple hours. A pleasant sail, but nothing overly exciting.

We've come to a difficult decision this month, and we think we are going to put the boat up for sale. We'll need to contact the broker and do a little research on the prices of comparable boats out there. We just haven't used it enough in the past few years to justify the marina costs and upkeep. I don't think we will completely give up sailing, or on the 'sailing retirement dream' that started this whole thing, but we may want to concentrate on chartering in the future, which may give us the opportunity to sail in different locales, rather than always being stuck in a certain radius around Muskegon. It's been a fun adventure these past 10 years, but practicality beckons. (photos of today's sail to come, once I get them off the wife's camera). I think we may have one or two more October sails planned before haul out, but it is hard to be completely certain. Weather and extenuating circumstances always seem to be getting the better of us this year.