Saturday, August 18, 2012

Speed Demons

Thwarted for a sunset cruise on Wednesday when the wind dropped to nothing just as Terri got out of work, and then again on Thursday when it rained all day, and a small craft advisory was called for in the evening hours, we managed to sneak out on Saturday morning for a sail. The wind was light and variable in the morning but we decided to risk it anyway and headed out to the marina. Once we hit the water, the winds were already beginning to pick up and it was probably about 10-15 mph on Lake Muskegon when we took a quick spin across and back, and then, since the wind was from the south, decided to try riding out to the east side of the Lake, which we haven't tried since probably 2008 or so. We were doing really good speed on a beam reach (no gps since the batteries were still dead, but the physical knotmeter, which isn't real reliable, kept reading in the 5-6 knot range, so we figured we were probably doing about 6 knots most of the time out there), and even got the same speed on a run as we headed toward downtown Muskegon, and had fun playing chicken with a big freighter (pictures to come). Once we turned around to head back to the marina, however, we had trouble keeping up the speed on a close reach, and ended up giving up and turning on the engine for the return trip. Terri did the honors today putting us in the slip, and we also managed to pump out the holding tank and top off the diesel at the marina fuel dock before we headed out for the day. Beautiful sail, hope we get back to do it again before the end of the month is out.