Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Sail

Sunday afternoon, we took the Jonkers (Bev and Nate) and Bud out for a sunset cruise. Winds were a little brisker than they were on our GH trip, and both lakes were fairly choppy, but the boat did quite well with little sail flying. We tacked back and forth for a while on Lake Muskegon and then worked our way out to the big lake where we got out a picnic snack while rolling on the 2-3 ft swells, then turned back around 7:30 or so, and managed to sail most of the way down the channel before the wind died in the usual spot. We turned on the engine and were contemplating motoring all the way back, when the engine overheated, and we had to sail back on a run while Terri went below to check the engine intake filter and cooling system. The wind was quite cooperative however and we never did switch the engine back on, but was able to sail into our slip at the marina (twice now the Jonkers have witnessed this feat, and only twice that we've done it), and watched the sun go down as we polished off two bottles of wine and a small bag of chocolates. A beautiful evening sail, despite the technical difficulties. A good sign, that we've managed to sail more often in the past three to four weeks, than we managed to do all last summer. Hopefully this trend continues.

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