Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Repairs and Renovations

Came out on Sunday to take a look at the engine to see if we could figure out why it overheated the last time we were out. Easy enough. Both ends of the coolant hose were broken, so we replaced the hose and clamps and it seems to be running smooth once again. Not enough available time to go sailing (although the weather looked nice), so we headed down to PJ Hoffmaster for a quick swim in the lake (something we have been neglecting these past 8 years since buying the boat), and then home to meet Candy for dinner.

The following day, Tim came down in the afternoon alone to work on the woodwork, and got the rest of the toe-rail sanded down, and got started on the cockpit brightwork. Next time out we can start varnishing the toe-rail, and perhaps get some stripper to aid in getting the old varnish off the rest of the cockpit.

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