Monday, June 18, 2012

Launch, Sail Hank-On & First Sail

Fanny got launched the first week in June (Festival weekend kept us away the first week, and we got out the following week to put on the sails and check on her docking lines), and we finally got out for our first sail of the season on June 17 (latest yet). The morning started out looking really dreary and wet, but by shortly after noon the sun was out and there was a light breeze, so we dropped everything and headed for Muskegon. Beautiful day on the lake, with just enough breeze to fill the sails and keep us moving (our top speed today was 5.7 knots, and we averaged 3.5). A fair amount of traffic on Lake Muskegon when we started out (and we goofed up and didn't check behind us when we backed out of our slip, getting in the way of a pontoon boat that had sneaked up behind us -- we'll have to be a bit more careful at this more crowded marina), and as soon as we got out past the Milwaukee Clipper, we raised the sails and only turned on the engine once we needed to get out the channel (and come back in). According to the gps we did 13 nautical miles, and were out on the water for about 4 hours. We headed out onto Lake Michigan and got about 4.5 miles out (and by the time we turned around, we were about the only boat out there) in a northwesterly direction. The trip back was a little trickier, as the waves and wind kept pushing us north of the channel, so we had to do a few tacks on the return path. We managed to sail about halfway down the channel before the wind gave out, and motored the rest of the way, then sailed back to the marina on just the main (going about 3.5 knots across Lake Muskegon)... got in around 7:30, and got a little help tying up from our new neighbors, first time sailboat owners Dave and Rose. Looking forward to many more days like these this summer, weather and fate permitting. A beautiful father's day.

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