Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fanny's getting a little annoyed

Me and the wife went down to install the new chocks and sort out all the dock lines on Thursday evening. The first two went pretty smoothly, and then we moved to the stern and I installed the port one myself, but I needed the wife to go into the sail locker to hold a wrench on the nuts for the one on the starboard side. As she was crawling in, she neglected to tie down the lid on the sail locker, and a gust of wind knocked it onto her head. Ended up requiring 4 stitches at the Med Center (of course, this is after we finished our work, after she managed to staunch the bleeding).

I returned the following afternoon and did a few more minor cosmetic repairs. Started working on the brightwork, the bow toerail just past the nav lights, the wood underneath the traveler, sanding and varnishing. I painted all 4 of the cowl vents inside and out (used some blue paint from Keenan's old bedroom for the inside), fixed the anchor contraption that got bent out of shape last season, reinstalled the ceiling mounts for the 'docking pole'. She's scheduled for launch next week, and we should be able to go sailing by the first full week of June (we figure all the severe 'boat bites' we got were from Fanny being annoyed at still being in her cradle this close to Memorial Day with all her pals already bobbing in their slips and at their mooring balls - hopefully it will make it up to her being in this new comfy marina).

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