Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cold afternoon at the boat

Me and the wife went out on Saturday afternoon to get started on the boat repairs prior to spring launch (which we are hoping to do later this month, by Memorial Day). We installed the hand rails that I had refinished over the winter, along with the door panels and the tiller. We sanded and primed the rust spots on the keel, and I sawed through the toe rail at the bow and removed the two line chocks that had gotten damaged last season. They came apart in several pieces so I took them home and put them back together jigsaw puzzle style and fashioned some replacement teak parts that I'll be installing next weekend. Next up: Painting the bottom with VC17 (which we haven't done in a couple years), and cleaning out the interior, which seems to have grown a layer of mildew over the winter (probably due to the warm winter and early spring, with the boat covered throughout it). Weather's looking nice and itching to get back out on the water.

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