Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let the Spring Workload begin

Went out to uncover the boat this past weekend (April 7), and it went fairly smoothly. We did a rough survey of what work we need to get done before launch (which we are planning on sometime in May, perhaps around the 20th). We've got a new slip in a new marina this year, and hopefully it will be much easier on the boat than last year's rough and tumble location.
Been working on refinishing several pieces of the brightwork at home this spring (the doors, the handrails, the tiller), and we've got to come back out to replace the four rope guides that got damaged last year (and the teak work beneath them). The bottom needs to be sanded in places, painted with primer, and then the bottom needs VC17 applied. Plus the usual topsides cleaning and waxing. We're going to wait until we are in the water before we start tackling the toerail, cockpit and trim brightwork over the course of this summer. Hoping we can get out on the water a lot more often than the past few years, and maybe even get out for a weekend long distance trip.