Monday, October 10, 2011

Last Sail of the Year

A beautiful weekend, sunny, warm, with the fall colors in full bloom. Unfortunately, though, the wind was almost nonexistent. On Saturday, we opted for a long bike ride instead of a sail (which Terri still hasn't forgiven me for), but then on Sunday, we decided to drive out to Muskegon, and a) sail if we could b) go out to the beach if we couldn't and c) in any case, take off the sails, since the boat is scheduled for haul out in the next few weeks.
We got out there and saw several other boats out on the water, so we decided to give it a go. Once we got to the boat, however, we noticed that the last wind storm had once again beat up the boat pretty badly in this new slip. More damage to the teak work on the port side, extra lines tied up here and there on the boat, and it looks like the ones that were there were tightened up by someone (thanks to whomever it was who was keeping an eye out for us this year), and the anchor had obviously ran into the front of the slip at one point and got knocked off into the water. The tiller, which we had neglected to tie down had bumped and scraped against the cockpit seat to the point where it sustained some damage. We tidied up as best we could, threw off her lines and headed out to the lake.

Not much wind on Lake Muskegon, so we headed out to Lake Michigan under power. Once out there, we hoisted both sails, and sailed for about a half an hour or so, with Terri coaxing us up to our top speed of about 2 knots. Watched the ferry go out, and then when the wind had decided to die down to nothing, turned around and motored back home.
Sails came off without a hitch, and we did our best to tie up the boat for the remaining two weeks she'll have to survive in this 'slip of doom'. Next year looking into a slip at Harbortown or one of the other marinas nearby. Not going to put up with this nonsense for another year.
Not a good year for sailing. Am determined to do some major repair work this winter, repair all the damage that the slip did, and start fresh in 2012. I'm not throwing in the towel just yet.
Once I get the pictures off the camera, I'll post a few. Terri took several of the 'damage' variety yesterday evening that I'd like to catalog.