Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Never did get back to that salesman at Torresen's about the interest in our boat. I was surprised at my reaction, which was relief and happiness at first, but then a gradual creeping dread at the whole idea. As much trouble as this boat has seemed this year, due to our deteriorating financial situation, and total lack of free time to enjoy the boat, on top of the mounting physical deterioration of the boat and the punishment it has taken in this horrible boat slip, I'm still pretty attached to it, and hold out hope that it will get more use by us in the future. I'd hate to give it up without ever having realized my goals of sailing north to the Manitou islands, or to taking it across the lake to Chicago or Wisconsin.

Anyhow, on Saturday we drove out to see if the engine had been repaired yet, and hopefully get in a sail if the weather was nice. The weather WAS beautiful, and there were a lot of boats out on the water, but we had a note from the repair shop telling us that parts were on order and that we weren't to start the engine. We consoled ourselves with giving the boat a thorough cleaning inside and out. (the head and v berth were suffering from a severe case of mildew), and we cleaned up all the spilt fuel beneath the engine and in the bilge. I left a note for the repairman asking if he could give us a call when he completes the work and perhaps let us know what the problem with the engine was. We both came home rather tired and wore out, and with lots of fresh 'boat bites' on our fingers and knees.

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