Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brief Aborted Sunset Cruise

Invited my music partner Nate and his wife Beverly out for a sunset cruise on Tuesday evening. Me and Terri got there a little early to try and tidy up the boat a bit before they got there (this being Fanny's third visit of the year so far, and her first bath). Terri checked the oil, and we cast off all the lines and as we were backing out of our slip, the diesel engine started revving up uncontrollably for a brief spell. I quickly put it in neutral and it seemed to stop, then when I put it in reverse again, it revved up another time. I tried the forward gear, and it seemed to work fine from that point, the only thing we noticed wrong was that there seemed to be smoke coming out of the exhaust. Terri went below to check the engine, and there was diesel spraying out of the bleed access point (not good), and quite a bit of diesel in the holding pan below the engine. We shut down and drifted for a while to take a look at the engine, eventually deciding to plug the hole anyway we could, and putting up the sails.
There wasn't a heck of a lot of breeze on the lake, maybe 5-8 knots, but we did a short sail with just the headsail out into Lake Muskegon, but then I became concerned with the possible situation of what would happen if the breeze died down to nothing and we'd end up stranded out on the lake without an engine. I decided to turn back towards the marina and attempt to sail into our slip (the first time we've tried this particular maneuver). It took several tacks, being in a windward direction, but we eventually made our way into the slip, tied up, and drove out to the beach for our picnic repast of fruit wine and cheese. Nice sunset, and too bad we were too distracted to take any photos.

Called up Torresen's repair department this morning, and awaiting new$. I still smell like diesel fuel this morning. Lawnmower repair, bicycle repair, and now boat repair, been a heck of a week, and it's only wednesday.

(battery 2)

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