Sunday, June 12, 2011

Storm Damage

Well I actually said the words out loud today. "I wonder if ought to maybe just put the boat up for sale."

Went out there today to maybe sail if the conditions were favorable. A bit too choppy and windy, and it looked like the boats out on the water were few and far between, and the ones that were out there looked like they were struggling.
Meanwhile, we had a situation to take care of as far as the docklines were concerned. A couple extreme wind and tornado storms had come through in the past few weeks, and with our new slip and way it is situated with our stern hanging out open to the elements, and two snug old beat up docks on either side of us, it looked as if our boat had bounced around quite a bit in the slip, breaking two of the forward cleat guides (and the teak beneath them), some rubbing damage on the starboard side, and tearing apart a two foot section of the port side toerail. Some nice person had tried to tie up emergency dock lines all over the boat, so that it resembled a spiderweb when we first got there (thanks to them, or to the marina employees, in the unlikely event it was one of them who had done it). We spent most of the afternoon tying up new dock line arrangements, and trying to utilize some swimming noodles to minimize the amount of chafe.

It seems lately that we spend more time being guilty for not being able to get away from our at home responsibilities enough to actually go out and use the boat, and every time we go out there, the pile of maintenance issues seems to get higher and higher. The way our finances have been lately, it just seems like an added expense and obligation that we really can't afford anymore. The whole thing just has me depressed, lately.

I need to schedule some time to go out and spend a day or two just repairing things. It looks like there's a problem with the engine stop switch again, and I'll need to remove some of the toerail and refashion some replacement teak parts, and replace a few of the cleat hardware pieces.

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