Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sails on

Saturday, Bud and I drove out to Muskegon to put the sails on for the season. First impressions of the 'new slip' are that it looks a lot skinnier than the old one, and the docks themselves are quite wobbly (they seem ok as long as you don't move too quickly and set them in motion). Some of the dock lines were already chafing from the way the marina had tied it up, so I did some minor adjustments. The main sail went on without a hitch, but as usual, the headsail ended up being the one to give us the most trouble. Mostly a matter of trying to slide the edge of the sail into the groove on the furling forestay. The edges are getting quite frayed and worn, and it doesn't quite want to go in without a lot of cussing and monkeying around with it.
There were other boats out on the water, but by the time we got the sails on, the weather was quickly deteriorating, and we managed to get everything tucked away before the raindrops started. Hopefully, we can get out to sail this following weekend, but it might not be until after memorial day and festival weekend wind down.