Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Sail

After foiled attempts to go sailing on Friday and Saturday, and the prognosis not looking good for Sunday, we decided to drive out to Muskegon Sunday afternoon to finish up the cradle pads project that we started in the spring, and sail if the weather looked promising.
The waves on the big lake looked bouncy but manageable, and it looked like a lot of folks were enjoying a sail on the little lake, so, after completing the installation of the cradle pads, and a lunch at G&L, we took the boat out for a spin in the late afternoon sunshine. Wind was from the SW at about 10-15 knots, and we had a fun jaunt on Lake Muskegon, back and forth on mostly a beam to close reach, getting some pretty good speeds (about 6.5 knots), and even doing a bit of heeling now and again, much to Terri's chagrin. At one point, we even practiced a 'heave to' maneuver, since we hadn't even tried doing that in several years and wondered if we even remembered how.
The boat is looking awful sad and neglected though. We need to go out and spend a weekend just sprucing her up, working on woodwork, painting and cleaning the interior, washing the decks, etc etc. Looks like we might also need to replace the dock lines, as it looks like we are getting a little chaffing on those rusty metal cleats on the dock.

We also discovered when we got to the boat, that we had left the keys in the ignition the last time we were out here. *Doh*
(battery 2)