Friday, July 9, 2010

Kill Switch Saga Concluded

Me and Terri drove out to Muskegon this afternoon to finish up the 'kill switch repair' that has been plaguing us for most of the season this year (it originally failed on us last fall, and we've been messing with it off and on since then). The installation of the teak switch cover went quite smoothly and we were able to fix it in place and connect it to the engine with no major problems (aside from forgetting to bring a power drill from home, assuming there was one already on the boat, so we had to run up to Home Depot to pick up one), and it works like a charm.
While we were there we also gave Fannie a much needed deck washing and flushed out the bilges a bit (boy those squished spider guts sure stain the deck and require a lot of elbow grease to clean up). We'll hopefully find some time to get out and actually go sailing next week, since this coming weekend is already pretty packed with activities.

(the photo above is of the completed repair, but before we cleaned the decks)

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