Monday, July 5, 2010

Kill Switch Continued

Got up this morning and drove out to the boat, with a new scheme for the kill switch problem. My idea was to build a teak cover to go over the two previous holes with a new hole for the swich in between. I thought that if I made the hole just a snug enough fit, that the plastic housing for the cable wouldn't need reinforcing from behind. I also had a plan of driving my 'scheme' down to South Haven to pick the brains of my Dad, the resident mechanical genius in our family. On the drive down from Muskegon to South Haven I also had another brainstorm that I could make the switch cover in such a way that the switch could be angled in an upward direction instead of the 45 degree angle it currently resides in (and frequently gets tripped over in the 'out position').

Turns out my Dad, after inspecting the parts that I brought down to him, had a beautiful and elegantly simple solution that hadn't occurred to me. A small hose clamp tightened on the cable behind the wall, would effectively keep the housing from slipping out and firmly place the apparatus in the hole. I continued with my 'teak cover' solution, along with the 'angled hole' idea, and I also got some help on cleaning up the end of the cable to make it easier to thread into the toggle arm atop the diesel.

While we were there, we also did some building of the cradle pads that we need to replace before haul out. Next, I'll be driving out to Muskegon to install my new switch, and I have every confidence that we will have finally completed a mechanical boat project ourselves, at minimum cost (aside from the driving, gas and labor time) without resorting to calling in the repairmen at Torreson. I feel like celebrating. Now let's get out there on the water this month!

(once I get it installed, I'll be sure and post pictures)

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