Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday Afternoon Sail

After a long work week, we finally got a chance to go out for a brief evening sail on Friday around 5:30. We hit the water around 6:20. The winds were about 16-17 mph from the south, and it looked like most of the boats out on the water were only using either the headsail or the main alone, so we decided to play it safe and just sail with the headsail today. The waves on the big lake were rumored to be about 2-4 feet, so once we got to the channel entrance, and the wind switched direction to come straight down the channel, we opted to sail around on Lake Muskegon instead of going to the trouble of switching on the engine again. Sailing to the north side of the lake was a piece of cake, getting up to speeds of about 5 knots on a run, but once we started trying sailing on a beam or close reach on the north side of the lake it became a bit more of a chore. We sailed towards the east, skirting the edges of the shallows until we got around by the museum boat across from the green channel marker, where we did a series of coming about maneuvers trying to get back to the less gusty side of the lake. We tacked back and forth across the lake a couple times getting in position to work our way back to the marina, and eventually tied up around eight pm. On the threshhold of being too much wind to be comfortable, we get a little nervous when the boat heels a lot, and we did our fair share of that today, but we'll take what we can get. Flawless exit and entry out of the slip today, and the new kill switch worked like a charm.

(battery 2)

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