Saturday, May 15, 2010

In the Water

Boat got launched on Thursday the 13th and we came out on Saturday the 15th to check the mooring lines and put on the sails. The weather looked promising when we left, hardly any breeze to speak of and sunny and beautiful, but by the time we got to Muskegon, the skies were overcast and the wind had picked up considerably. We managed to get the main on but we decided to wait on the headsail for a day with less wind.
There were several boats out on the water on both Lake Muskegon and Lake Michigan but we decided against taking her out. We also tracked down our cradle because we were informed by Torreson that the pads on the cradle had disintegrated and we would need to replace them. We grabbed a couple of them for template purposes and took them home to build some new ones.
We also managed to remember to put our registration stickers on this time, so we can avoid a ticket like we got two years ago.

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