Monday, May 24, 2010

Early Heat Wave

This week we got an early dose of summer temperatures, and on Sunday I wasted a perfectly good sailing day by taking a road trip up to Ludington instead to go house hunting and by the time we swung back by Muskegon, it was getting late and we were very tired from a long day in the car. We did see a sailboat cruising around Pentwater Lake when we drove through that town, and the winds were very favorable that afternoon, but the gusty winds would have made putting on the headsail a bit problematic we thought.

The next day, Monday, we headed down there for a possible Sunset cruise after dinner, but the winds today were so nonexistent that the lake was like a sheet of glass, which made putting the headsail on quite easy this year. We decided to instead drive down to the lake and take a long walk on the beach to cool off (temperatures in the 90s today).

Been watching the conditions, but while the temperatures have been unseasonably warm this week, the winds have been dead calm. Maybe we'll be able to take a cruise later in the week once I get more caught up on work here at the office.

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