Thursday, April 29, 2010


Painted the bottom with VC17 today - the usual 3 cans (2 isn't enough, and 3 is almost too much). Very windy and chilly out there today. Need to come out one more time before launch to clean the topsides and wax and buff, and perhaps straighten up the inside a bit. Getting close to launch date in a few weeks.

May 1 - Came out for a few hours and worked on the interior -- pulled out the rest of the ceiling in the quarter berth, cleaned up the mess that I had made, straightened up the overall clutter inside and fixed a few broken moldings here and there. Still need to come out and wash the topsides and seal up the leaks inside next week.

May 6 - Came out and reattached the two stanchions -- Terri got a book on correctly fixing those leaks which it looks like we'll have to work on this summer while the boat is in the water. I washed up the topsides, but didn't get around to waxing and buffing this year (the sides look a little streaky, but oh well, at least the green gunk is washed off). Boat goes in the water next week. Once again forgot to bring out the new registration stickers -- no sailing without them this time, don't want another ticket.

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