Saturday, April 24, 2010

Makin' a Mess

Went out today to reconnect the scupper plumbing, and, like any plumbing project, it took two trips to the store to successfully complete. I first picked up the proper tubing from West Marine, and after wrestling with the connections for a couple hours, came to the conclusion that I had the wrong size 'connectors', which would explain why the whole thing was so difficult to disconnect in the first place. So another trip to West Marine to pick up the proper size "L" and "T" joints, which made the whole thing much easier to put together. I adjusted the angles of the drainage system so that the water should flow much easier.
While I was in there, I took down the ceiling to the quarter berth, which last time, we discovered was a waterlogged piece of plywood. This made quite the mess, which I am content to clean up on our next visit. I also picked up three cans of VC-17 for our next scheduled maintenance project, painting the bottom.
Cold and windy out at the lake today, but there were a few sailboats actually out on the water, and more boats in their slips than last time. Getting closer.

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