Thursday, April 29, 2010


Painted the bottom with VC17 today - the usual 3 cans (2 isn't enough, and 3 is almost too much). Very windy and chilly out there today. Need to come out one more time before launch to clean the topsides and wax and buff, and perhaps straighten up the inside a bit. Getting close to launch date in a few weeks.

May 1 - Came out for a few hours and worked on the interior -- pulled out the rest of the ceiling in the quarter berth, cleaned up the mess that I had made, straightened up the overall clutter inside and fixed a few broken moldings here and there. Still need to come out and wash the topsides and seal up the leaks inside next week.

May 6 - Came out and reattached the two stanchions -- Terri got a book on correctly fixing those leaks which it looks like we'll have to work on this summer while the boat is in the water. I washed up the topsides, but didn't get around to waxing and buffing this year (the sides look a little streaky, but oh well, at least the green gunk is washed off). Boat goes in the water next week. Once again forgot to bring out the new registration stickers -- no sailing without them this time, don't want another ticket.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Makin' a Mess

Went out today to reconnect the scupper plumbing, and, like any plumbing project, it took two trips to the store to successfully complete. I first picked up the proper tubing from West Marine, and after wrestling with the connections for a couple hours, came to the conclusion that I had the wrong size 'connectors', which would explain why the whole thing was so difficult to disconnect in the first place. So another trip to West Marine to pick up the proper size "L" and "T" joints, which made the whole thing much easier to put together. I adjusted the angles of the drainage system so that the water should flow much easier.
While I was in there, I took down the ceiling to the quarter berth, which last time, we discovered was a waterlogged piece of plywood. This made quite the mess, which I am content to clean up on our next visit. I also picked up three cans of VC-17 for our next scheduled maintenance project, painting the bottom.
Cold and windy out at the lake today, but there were a few sailboats actually out on the water, and more boats in their slips than last time. Getting closer.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring into Action

Went down on wednesday with Terri to take the cover off the boat. Went pretty fast this time around. One little glitch though, I got all the way to G&L before I realized that I had left the key to the ladder padlock at home when I grabbed the wrong keyring (drove over in the Cruiser this time, which I don't have a key for on my regular ring). So rather than give up and go home, and since our old wooden ladder is getting pretty old and rickety, we bought a nice folding ladder at Home Depot to finish up the job. The keys to the boat were also on that other keyring, so we didn't end up going inside at any point in the afternoon, but there was really no need at this point.
Beautiful afternoon, and Torreson is starting to put the mooring balls out in the mooring field, and it also looks as if they are working on some dockage remodeling projects (not sure if we'll end up with a new dock this season, but it would be sweet if it were true). With new docks, and new showers and bathrooms, this place is almost starting to get swanky, we may not be able to afford docking here much longer (what's next, a hot tub and swimming pool?).
Anyhow, a cursory inspection of the hull shows that I may need to do some minimal sanding and slapping on a bit of Innerprotect on a few spots on the hull and keel. I planned on repainting the bottom with VC-17 this season, since I skipped last year on the advice of an old 'boatyard neighbor' a couple years ago who said I only needed to do it every three years or so.
Also, the usual springtime washing and waxing and buffing of the topsides. A couple other items on the wish list and 'work list' this spring. Need to clear out the port stern scupper which got clogged last year, which will involve taking it apart since I can't get the rotorooter through it. Looking at the main halyard and some chaffing I've noticed near the spreaders might mean we should look into replacing that line (and maybe rethink how it comes down the mast to avoid that in the future). I'd like to replace the throwable lifebuoy, as the one we've got is starting to look pretty crappy (and who knows if it still floats, as old as it is). And of course, the continuing battle with the brightwork on deck. I'm thinking of continuing with my sanding and just let most of it go grey as bare wood, as I've not been able to keep up with the varnish or the teak oil (then maybe just varnish the door panels and the tiller). Last year it was recommended that we replace the spreaders, but I'm not sure if we'll be able to swing that expense and it may get put off another year.

Looking forward to launch date around May 10, which means I've got about 3 weekends to get her ready.