Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pushing the Envelope

Trying to squeeze a little more sailing out of a problematic season. Me and Terri went out today around 2 for a sail around Lake Muskegon. Trying to give Terri a bit more experience at sailing in and out of the slip, which is almost as much of a struggle for her, as it is for me to 'give up control'. Didn't do too bad at getting out, just a minor panic attack when the boat wouldn't turn (as it sometimes won't), and then a slight flub coming back in (at least I didn't have to take over at the last minute). The sailing, while a bit on the chilly side, despite the 50 degree temps on shore (which translates to probably 35 on the water), was remarkably fine, considering I didn't expect there to be enough wind to fill our sails. We did probably our most consistent high speeds on today's excursion, doing over 6 knots quite frequently, and managed to hit most of the points of sail at one time or another, and even did quite a bit of heeling (which Terri stoically put up with). I think our next time out, I'm going to put Terri in charge and let her tell me how to trim the sails, as I kind of hogged the tiller today. We sailed all around the perimeter of the west side of Lake Muskegon today, under sunny partly cloudy skies, before calling it a day around 3:30. (battery 2) (pictures to come, I told Terri she had to take some because I think it was the first time we had blue skies all year)

We may try to get out again this week, as the weatherman is promising a return to slightly warmer temps, and we will be getting hauled out of the water in about two weeks.