Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flurkers Afloat

Took a few members of the Woody Guthrie cast out for an afternoon sail today. The weather wasn't looking too promising, but once we got out there, the sun started peeking gingerly through the clouds, and the breeze picked up to a steady 12 mph from the southwest, and we had a quite nice sail. Annie and Bud, with Keenan and I mostly running the sails and tiller. Never quite got up to a rapid speed at any time, but probably averaged about 3-4 knots, with maybe 5 knots at our best. Waves were a little bouncy on the big lake and Keenan ended up complaining of being a little seasick at one point (I think it was everyone sharing their 'seasickness' stories that did it). No camera today so no snaps of today's ride. Late lunch afterwards at G&L at Keenan's instigation. (battery 2)