Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kelly signs on for an afternoon cruise

One of our old neighbors from Durand drove over to take her first ride on a sailboat. Terri and Keenan also tagged along this afternoon. The weather was a bit dismal and overcast, but the predicted rain never did show up, and the sun almost came out at a few points in the afternoon. The wind was fairly reliable out of the NW, and we were able to generate some decent speed with only the headsail. We mostly tooled around Lake Muskegon, going just past the island channel marker on the way to downtown and the summer fest, and then tacking our way over to the channel to give Kelly a peek at the big lake. The waves, as predicted, were a bit high on Lake Michigan, so we just poked our nose out there for a few minutes and then did a U-turn and headed back for home. The ride back was easier than the ride out this time, and we managed to generate nearly 5-6 knots on a run, and managed to sail down the channel as well. (battery 1)

photo above: Forgot to bring our camera with us today, so Terri took this snap with her cell phone of Kelly's brief flirtation with handling the tiller

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