Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Boat Prep

Me and Terri drove down to Muskegon this afternoon for a few more boat repairs. We finished putting the two new cleats on the bow, installed a few more curtain rods, and fixed the 'keyhole cover'. We tried patching the swim ladder holes with a product we picked up at Wall Mart, but it turned out to not be the proper stuff. Going to try something else on my next visit. Instead of patching the holes, we ended up giving the topsides a good scrubbing. Nearly ready for launch.

ADDENDUM: Got the phone call from Torreson on Thursday, the 21st, the boat is now floating in her slip. Will perhaps go out this weekend (Memorial Day weekend) to put up the sails and take her for a spin. I found a can of the 'boat patch' that I used the last time we got a 'ding in her side', so I'll bring that along and fill those bolt holes in her side also.

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