Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day

Drove down Saturday to hank on the sails and give the boat a generalized once over. Easiest the sails have gone on in our 5 years. Not enough wind to sail (but there were lots of boats out on the lake crawling across the water with limp sails), so we decided not to take her out today. Also ran into a problem with the bilge pumps - not working, and they should be hooked directly up to the battery. Not sure if they have both failed (the fuses looked alright), or if they are just not hooked up correctly. We also cleaned up the decks with a good scrubbing, and rearranged some of the dock lines. While scrubbing, we noticed that one of the cockpit scuppers isn't draining, so we need to get a plumbers snake and see if we can't unplug it.

No wind again on Sunday, and too gusty on Monday (plus I had a job to finish up, and we decided to drive up to Burly Park for the flea market)...

Maybe we can get out on the water sometime later this week.

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