Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Sail of the Season

Me and Terri drove out to Muskegon on Sunday for our first sail of the '09 season. Keenan wasn't interested in coming along, but Lady was pleased to tag along. We managed to unclog the cockpit scupper with a plumbers snake I had purchased, and we managed to exit the slip with no mishaps, and once out on the water, raised the mainsail and killed the engine. We started out slowly, making a decent couple knots with just the main on a close beam, heading north across Lake Muskegon. We found ourselves at one point in the middle of a regatta (even though I thought I was being careful to avoid it, the route must've changed at some point), hopefully not interfering with any of the boats too badly. We attempted to sail out the channel, but the wind got a bit too fluky, and had to resort to the engine for most of it. Once out on Lake Michigan, the breezes freshened up and we had a beautiful sail out to the southwest for about an hour. Temps were a bit chilly today, and we both were bundled up with extra jackets from the clothing locker.
The trip back through the channel was more productive, we managed to sail completely back, and did it in what felt like record time, with little or no monkeying around with the sail configurations. We only ran into a little glitch on the way back to the marina, when our 'engine overheat' alarm went off just as we were about to the marina entrance. We managed to keep our heads and get the boat back in her slip without too much trouble, but then did a bit or poking about the engine and the intake hoses to try and figure out the problem. We unscrewed the intake filter and when we reattached it ran the engine for a spell to see if the engine overheated again, but it seemed to be fine after that. Perhaps we just sucked up some sort of debris that clogged the water intake temporarily, because we never had a problem with it while leaving the slip or while riding out the channel earlier in the day.

Anyhow a beautiful day, and nice to see we still sort of know what we're doing (although I'm not certain I have the reef lines properly configured just yet) -- battery 1

(photo above: spinnakers on the lake - part of the regatta we unsuccessfully tried to avoid today)

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