Thursday, April 16, 2009

First visit of 2009

Drove over this afternoon to take off the boat cover and do a few small repairs. We ended up only managing to get the port bow cleat removed and half the hardware for the swim ladder support removed, aside from taking off the cover and folding it up for transport back home. The boat looks pretty sad and neglected, like it usually does on our first visit, and we discussed various projects and plans on the drive home. I'd like to take some time this spring to really make some progress on the brightwork, and we'd like to clean up the interior a bit, and perhaps paint with some nice bright white 'bathroom paint' (maybe to help with the mildew problems. The idea of replacing the galley table and bookshelf was discussed again. My idea is to use some of the room in the head as bookshelf space, perhaps cutting a hole in the bulkhead between the two rooms and building a bookcase/storage area that doesn't invade the living area, and so the dinette table, when folded in the upright position is flush with the wall and not quite so clunky looking. We'd also like to try and different solution for the curtains/curtain rods on the portholes. I'm going to also replace the old swim ladder set up with something a bit more asthetically pleasing (which is why we are removing the old support). We are thinking perhaps of a launch date of May 30th or thereabouts to give us time to do some work 'on the hard' this spring.