Friday, December 12, 2008

BVI Day Seven: Great Harbor, Peter Island to Grand Rapids

(photos above and below) A few views of the islands out the plane window as we took off from St. Thomas.

Waiting in the lobby for the Ferry back to St. Thomas, and we have about an hour to kill, and with internet access, I'm finishing up our travelogue.

We awoke at dawn today around 6am, and finished our packing and cleaning up. Washed our neglected hair and ate up the last of our food (and what we couldn't finish got tossed in the garbage, or packed in the backpack for the ride home. We untied the mooring around 7 and motored across the channel towards Road Town Harbor to turn in the boat. We may have probably been able to sail on a beam reach, but for the short distance, I thought I'd give Terri a break on line handling, and we really haven't used the engine much (I don't think we even used a quarter of a tank of diesel the whole trip). Pulled up to the dock without a hitch, tied up, unloaded, went through boat check out and we were done in about 15 minutes from the time we arrived. Our taxi was supposed to arrive at 9:30, but he got there early, and so far so good we are ahead of schedule.

Ferry ride to St. Thomas, taxi ride to the airport, then US Customs, then a flight to NY Kennedy, then on to Chicago, pick up our car from my brother's place, go get the boy, then a three hour drive home through the snow and we are home.

A wonderful time, will have to see how we can swing this again real soon.

UPDATE: As with all things, you plan the best you can, but ultimately, you just raise the sails, trim the sheets and hope the weather cooperates. Our flight from St. Thomas to Kennedy in NY had technical issues on take off, and technical issues upon arrival (they couldn't get the door open), so we ended up missing the only connection to Chicago from Kennedy. The airline put us in a cab for LaGuardia, and we ended up catching a 7:20 flight (delayed to nearly 10:15 by the time it eventually took off), and we arrived in Chicago around 10:30 local time, then after seeing what cab fare was going to run to get into town, we opted for the CTI train, taking the blue line, then the brown line over to my brother's place, where he picked us up in our trusty ole' VW. After a brief visit, we headed towards Keenan and picked him up and drove for home, eventually pulling into our place at 5:30 in the morning local time. Our one piece of checked luggage (mostly soggy summer clothing and some leftover foodstuffs) is still somewhere between NY and Chicago. Damn it's cold here.

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