Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pulled Out and Winterized

The boat was pulled out about a week after our last sail of the season, and we drove out this weekend to put on the canvas cover for the winter. We had paid the marina to winterize the systems, but we suspect that the bilge and the head weren't touched this year (although we were billed for the services), so we are going to have to contact them next week and find out what's going on.

A few new dings in the topside paint job from haulout this year - a couple dime sized nicks on the stern lip, and a few roughed up patches along the side. Beginning to wonder if maybe we ought to find a new place to haul out and winter in the future. There was a mass exodus of neighboring boats from the previous year, and thinking we maybe should have listened to the 'winds of discontent'.

Not much of a year as far as sailing goes. We did manage to make it down to Douglas for the first time, and sailed down the channel a few times. Got my sister Margo out on the water. Should have taken advantage of Jim's offer to go out a lot more often than I did, but it just seemed like we were so busy with graduation, open houses and college prep that it just wasn't easy to get out there much. Gas prices didn't help either, as I was frequently weighing in my head whether it was worth the $20 bucks in gas to drive out there.

Next year, I will definitely be doing a lot of work on the wood, it really got neglected this year, and it shows. Perhaps we might paint the interior and spruce up inside a bit next year as well.

Not done sailing for the year, however, as we have chartered a sailboat in the British Virgin Islands for our 25th anniversary, and will be spending a week experiencing ocean sailing and all that comes with it (tides, coral, sharks, islands, etc). A bit nervous to tell the truth, but it should be an interesting adventure.