Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dead Calm

After a round of disc golf at McGraft Park, we took Megan down to the marina for a sunset cruise. Unfortunately, there was little to no wind, which died down to absolutely no wind by the time we puttered out to the big lake. We put up all the sails anyway and tried to muster up a breeze by sculling the tiller and blowing on the sails, but mostly just floated around on the smooth Lake Michigan water waiting for the sun to go down. On our way back in the channel we were treated to a 'mooning' by a bikini clad woman on a nearby powerboat (not purposefully directed at us, but we got caught in the crossfire), which is a 'first' full moon we've seen on the boat despite two overnight crossings. Pulled into the slip just about the time the sun was going down, then had dinner at a nearby eatery on the way home. (pictures to come later when I get them off of Terri's camera). Next time hopefully, we can take them both out on the lake, and actually get some wind.

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