Thursday, July 10, 2008

Two Days in a Row: Bliss

(photo above) Andie at the tiller while Uncle Tim blathers on about something or other

(battery 2) My sister Margo and her daughter Andie came out with us this afternoon for another cruise today. The wind wasn't nearly as gusty as it was the day before, but we still managed to put up some impressive numbers on the knotmeter. We had a fairly decent exit from the slip, promptly put up the mainsail and I put Andie on the tiller for a trip around Lake Muskegon. We then put up the headsail and proceeded over towards the channel to check out the big lake, getting up to 6 knots on a beam reach. The wind was a bit flukey down the channel, as it frequently is, so we weren't able to sail all the way down, but had to use a little motorized assistance to get past the coast guard station, where we then picked up some better wind. The big lake was a little more bouncey, but we sailed around out there for about a half an hour before heading back towards the channel with a storm cloud on our heels. Once in the channel, we noticed the Lake Express Ferry coming in behind us, and they passed us mid-channel, while we managed to sail all the way down the channel this time, with me at the tiller, and Margo working the headsail, coaxing what little wind we could find to keep us moving forward. Once back in the little lake, we found a freshening breeze, and headed west on a close reach, getting the speed back up to nearly 6 knots again, but then at the first sound of thunder, we folded up the sails, turned on the motor and headed back for the marina.

A fun afternoon, topped off by the opening night of Keenan's show, Heritage Theater's production of "the Drunkard". A fun show, full of audience participation (you can buy popcorn to throw at the actors), which runs Thursday Friday and Saturday this week and next.

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