Saturday, July 26, 2008

Halfway to Grand Haven

(battery 2 - whoops, didn't check the blog first, and used the same battery twice in a row)

Went out for an afternoon sail on Saturday with Terri, Keenan and Candy around 4. First time Keenan's been to the boat this year, and this was the first time we've taken it out on a weekend in '08. Very crowded on the little lake today, lots of traffic to look out for. We basically hoisted the sails right away and headed for the channel on a beam reach. Once we reached the channel, we noticed the car ferry coming in, so we went past the channel, then tacked and came at it from the north to give the ferry a chance to clear before we entered. The wind was coming straight out of the channel, as usual, so we had to use the motor to get out to Lake Michigan.

Once out on the big lake, we headed south towards Grand Haven. Big swells out on Lake Michigan today, but with a fairly light breeze (maybe 10 mph out of the northwest), so we didn't make much speed (about 4.5 at the top end). The trip was pretty rolly on a beam reach because of the swells, so I headed up to a close reach for a while which was slightly more comfortable for the passengers. We opened up some of our snacks, spitting cherry pits overboard and drinking sodas as we headed south/southwest. We got far enough from shore that we passed the 'fishing floats' that we found last year, and not much past those, we decided to come about and head back for the channel (maybe about halfway to Grand Haven, maybe not quite halfway, as I never did spot the lighthouse). We managed to sail the channel on the way back with mostly the headsail (not quite at a dead crawl this time, but kept our speed up to around 2 knots, even though it didn't feel like it)

Got back to the marina around 7:30ish, in time to watch our neighbor and his bikini clad daughters doing their 'return to the slip maneuvers', and then we had a picnic lunch down at the beach, then ice creams at the 'Frosty Oasis' and then home. Beginning to wish we lived closer to the boat, with gas prices the way they are. These long drives out to Muskegon are getting kind of pricey. Maybe we can start looking into moving to Ludington in a few years. Ideally, I'd like to moor the boat a bit further north, so that trips up to the islands are a bit more feasable.

We've also been tossing around the idea, for our 25th anniversary in December, of chartering a boat down in the British Virgin Islands for a week. This would be our first time sailing in the ocean, dealing with currents and tides (although both are very mild there, we are assured). We'll see if we can afford it.

(still falling way behind in posting photos, need to get them from Terri's camera).

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