Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Tantalizing Tease

Beautiful day to start this Father's Day weekend. Me and Terri went out to Muskegon to do a few chores on the boat in the morning. Lots of sails on both the big and little lake, a nice 10-20 knot breeze blowing from the southwest. We were disappointed to discover that the service department is closed on Saturday (you'd think we'd know this after 5 seasons), so we were unable to get our new genoa sheets (we left a note with the main office at the store to have them delivered to our boat for next time, since weekdays seem to be harder for us to get out there this year, due to work schedules. We hanked on the two sails, installed the battens and rigged the reefing lines on the main, and furled and temporarily tied up the headsail, so we will ready to go out on our next visit. We replaced the bow lines with some new replacements, and generally tinkered around the boat and watched all the other sails frolicking on the horizon. We had prior engagements at home, so decided not to go out for the brief amount of time we would have had available (and with just the main, not having sheets for the foresail), and maybe I can press-gang a crew into going out with me mid-week if the weather cooperates.

June is not looking all that promising. The next two weekends are booked. Terri's working nearly every day now either at the Girl Scouts or at the Civic, and Keenan will have Jazz camp at Aquinas all this next week.

We had a little nature excitement down at the marina, when a pair of swans and their 5 cygnets showed up in the slip across from us. Terri got a few pictures, and I'll try and post them soon.

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