Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fandango Stag Party

Me and Jim went out for an afternoon sail today (battery 1). The weather looked a little iffy in the morning, with scattered thunderstorms predicted, but we pressed on regardless, and the lake didn't disappoint. We got a little of everything out there today, some stiff breezes, rollicking waves, dead calms, rain, sunshine. We tooled around Lake Muskegon for a while, getting Fanny up to 6 knots with just the main and a little bit of the headsail. Headed out to Lake Michigan, intending to sail down the channel, but got stimied in the usual spot (just about near the submarine), so I switched on the engine for a spell until we got back into the steady breezes. We got to share the channel with the Ferry coming in (and then again coming out), but other than that, there was very little other watercraft out on the lake today. The waves were pretty high at times out on the big lake, and were frequently working at odds with our sailing plans, pushing us back nearly as much as we were moving forward, but we found a few tacks that gave us some good speed. We found our best sailing running with the wind and surfing the waves in a northerly direction, and would've made good time to White Lake if we were of a mind to, but when we turned back towards Muskegon channel, it became a bit more challenging finding a workable sailing direction. Jim gave the head an inaugural usage while out on the big lake, and I'm certain it was an adventure in itself, with how badly we were bouncing around. Eventually made it back into the calmer waters past the breakwater, and managed to coax her all the way down the channel via sail power, even though a rain squall was hard on our heels, and overtook us while we were making the passage. By the time we re-entered Lake Muskegon, the sun was back out, the breeze was freshening and we had a nice sail back and forth across the little lake eventually working our way back to the Marina. A nice four hour jaunt, and a beautiful way to spend a Wednesday afternoon playing hooky from work. We stayed a little while to wash up the decks (I had worn some dirty tennis shoes today, and left a lot of footprints), and then stopped for lunch at G&L afterwards. A fun day, and we'll have to do it again soon (with our respective wives and kids if we can convince them to join us).

Unfortunately forgot to bring a camera this time, would've gotten some interesting snapshots. The photo above was of the nifty tying up job Jim did of our main sheet on our next visit.

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