Saturday, May 10, 2008

Boat Prep '08

Boat launch is scheduled for the week of the 19th, so we've given ourselves a very narrow window of opportunity for getting Fanny ready for spring. We made our first visit of the year this morning, and after searching around the boat yard, finally located her winter resting place out behind the warehouse, and gave a once over, and removed the canvas boat cover. A little bit of rust here and there on the keel, which I shall have to sand and prime before putting on the VC17. Teakwork is looking a little rough after all my work last year, but I should be able to spruce her back into shape this summer. We are still talking about getting the spreaders replaced, but it will probably have to wait until summer sometime when finances are a bit more stable. Got a few 'boat bites' after crawling around on her today, she must've missed me. I'll probably come back for the sanding and priming on Tuesday, and we'll be bottom painting this weekend, weather permitting. I'll bring the camera and get a few pictures next time.

(May 13) - Rode out this afternoon to sand the rust spots on the keel and paint them with marine primer. While waiting for the paint mixture to cure, I also climbed around on the deck and painted the cowl vents with a couple more coats of white paint. The whole operation took about an hour, and then I stopped at McGraft Park for a round of disc golf on the way home. Snapped a picture of Fanny in her winter home back behind the warehouses.

(May 15) - A nice weather window opened up this afternoon, so I headed back to Muskegon to put on the antifouling paint. When I had gotten about halfway done, an old feller from across the way came over and told me that he usually only puts on the paint once every couple of years (here I'd been putting it on every spring since we bought it), but since I was half done, I continued with the project. Maybe we'll try letting it go next season (at $50 a can, it is definitely worth considering). One more trip out here this weekend to wash the topsides and she should be ready to launch next week. Also might want to look into some new docking lines this spring, as all of ours are starting to get kind of frayed and iffy looking. (Snapped another picture before I left of her new bottom paint job.)

(May 17) - One last trip out to the boat yard for prep work before we get launched sometime next week. I washed the topsides thoroughly (well, as best I could due to where the boat is stored this year, I couldn't figure out a way to place the ladder in order to reach the middle upper stern area near the thru hull fittings - maybe I can lean way overboard once it is in the slip to touch those areas up). Drove over to West Marine for some new docklines, since most of our lines are starting to look pretty sad and frayed in several places. Bought four 1/2" 15 foot lines, but when I got back to the boat, and compared them to our old ones, I think I got the wrong length, probably going to have to go back and get 25 footers. (left two of them in their boxes so I could return them). By the time I got done out there it was nearing 4:00 and had to get back home for a theater outing in Kalamazoo later in the evening, so had to skip out on my planned disc golf solo outing at Rycenga Park.

(May 19) - Got a call from the marina today, and our boat is now in the water. Need to get out and check the dock lines and hank on the sails. Probably will not do it over Memorial weekend, too busy a schedule. Perhaps next week sometime.