Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Evening Sail

We managed to squeeze in a short sunset cruise on Saturday between Civic days. Terri had 'paper tech' in the afternoon, but was home by 4:30, and we got out to the lake around 6ish. Beautiful sailing weather, some slight chop to the waves on the big lake, but not real uncomfortable, a northerly breeze which gave us a nice brisk beam reach heading due west out and almost due east coming back in, hitting over 6 knots in speed on occassion but mostly sticking around 5 with a moderate heel. Very chilly out on the big lake, though, everybody ended up in hooded sweatshirts by the end (or covered in blankets). Managed to avoid using the diesel most of the trip, and the wind was such that I was tempted to sail both in and out of the channel today, although we had to resort to the engine for part of it both ways (and had to share the channel with the Lake Express Ferry both coming in and going out). On the return trip, we managed to sail just about to the submarine dock with fairly decent speed, and were in a three way 'snail race' with two other sailors with similar hopes, until we all three ended up dead in the water. The boat to our port was the first to give in and raise the 'iron genny', and the boat to starboard yelled over at me to 'give them back their wind', since I was passing them to windward - "sorry, I don't have it either' (and we were second to turn on the diesel), but then turned it back off for the trip back to the marina, with a nice slow lazy run with the headsail, as the crew flaked the main.

There appears to be a new neighbor to our south. A cute young couple who just purchased a 'fixer upper', and were scurrying all over the place messing around with their new boat. They had a breakdown during the day today, their port spreader broke from the mast and is hanging forlornly as they discuss how to fix it, and whether or not to call the marina fix-it boys. They sounded like they had a slight Eastern European accent, but other than that, we didn't catch their names. They have a nice dinghy, very similar to what Terri has in mind for our boat. Ice creams on the way home at 'Sally Bananas' (formerly Capt Jacks). (Battery #2 today)

Photos: (top) Terri takes a licking and keeps on ticking, as the sun quickly sets over harbortown . ... (bottom) Keenan on deck as we slowly make our run home towards the marina, after flaking the sail for us . ... .

As a curious aside, was doing the crossword puzzle on Thursday while manning the 'scrip table' and one of the clues was "a lively spanish dance" - must've been an omen of good sailing this weekend.

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