Saturday, June 23, 2007


Finally got out to the boat to actually take her out for a spin this weekend. Just as we arrived, though, Terri remembered that we once again, left the registration stickers for our license renewal on the refrigerator back home. Last time we came out (Memorial weekend), we lucked out and didn't get pulled over for not having the proper sticker displayed, so thought we'd try and sneak under the wire again. We got the boat shipshape in no time, put her on battery one, fired her up, and pulled out of the slip with only a few minor snafus (the spring line got away from Terri and fell into the water, and then my starboard stern line had pulled so taught that I couldn't get it off the cleat without going below for a screwdriver to pry it off...), and then opened up the headsail once we got out past the mooring balls, and slowly made a big circle around Muskegon Lake on our way to the channel, mostly on a beam reach/run with a single 'jibe ho' as we neared the shallows on the north shore of the lake.

As we got into the channel, we noticed a sheriff's boat circling around checking the boats entering and leaving the channel, and we started to sweat a little. We relaxed a bit when he singled out a power boat behind us and pulled up along side them. We got just outside the channel entrance, when the sheriff caught back up with us (we figured he noticed us earlier, but figured we probably wouldn't get away from him all that quickly). Our first time getting pulled over, it was a little nerve wracking, but we were in the wrong and we knew it. The young men on the sheriff's boat were quite nice about it, but I was wrong in assuming we'd just get a citation and we could go on about our business, they made us turn around and head back to our slip. Dang. At least we got a little bit of sailing in today, even though we never opened up the mainsail. Too bad, too, because it looked like a beautiful day, with light to variable winds and waves that weren't too big.

When we got back to the slip, we ate our lunch that we had packed, and I did a bit of work on the brightwork, scuffing the areas I've been working on, and giving them a coat of varnish. While I was varnishing, Terri went and took a nap over in the 'picnic area' with the dog. As we were leaving, I noticed one of the largest freighters I've yet seen pulling into the lake, and took the above snapshot from shore just before we headed down to McGraft Park for a round of disc golf.

ADDENDUM: About a month later, we finally got the grand total from the Muskegon Sheriffs Office: $110 for our citation. Dang! And the license itself was only 160 bucks for the three years. Don't forget to put them on again, that's for sure.

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