Thursday, June 14, 2007


June 10, Sunday -- Tim went out on Sunday to spend the afternoon working on the brightwork. Beautiful weekend both Saturday and Sunday, and probably should have gone out there and spent the weekend. Was a bit worried about how she fared after the gusting winds of Wednesday and Thursday, but she appeared to be in good shape. Mostly worked on the starbord cockpit interior wall and the cabin door frame, taking them down to bare wood as best I could and then treating them with two coats of 50/50 boat varnish. I should make a trip out there sometime this week and do a bit more. Came home sunburned, tired, with sore fingers, but happy to have spent some time out there feeling the rock of the boat, smelling the diesel fumes and listening to the 'wind chimes' of the snapping halyards on the masts. The boat 4 slips to the south left when I was just getting there, and had engine trouble and had to be hauled out onto the lake (it looked as if they had a few boat guests aboard who I overheard mentioning "um... how are we going to get back in the slip?" to which the captain replied "we'll figure that out later"). Later in the afternoon they returned (again towed by a motorboat), and I and a few other neighboring sailors helped them back into their slip. Talked to Captain Jim next door for a while, mostly about the weather, and how he likes to point out our boat to students as one of the rare 'Chris Craft' sailboats. Should've brought the camera today, so I could take some photos of my progress. Next time for sure. I'm not sure, but I think I left the lid of the 'power plug' open when I left. Another reason to get back soon.

June 14, Thursday -- Came back later in the week to do some additional work on the boat. Scraped and sanded the two decorative rails along the cabin top, the remainder of the hatchway framing, the back side of the traveller support and touched up some of the port side rails, then gave each of them a couple coats of 50/50 turp/varnish mixture. Need to go back and give them a few coats each of 100% varnish, and continue working on revamping the side rails. I also purchased a can of white latex paint and gave the cowl vents a fresh coat of paint, and WOW what a difference that made, they look fantastic! Would be nice to clean up the interior of the boat and give the inside a fresh coat of paint. Also thinking of taking home some of the interior woodwork over the next winter to refinish, especially the stairs. Talked a while with Jim next door about this'n'that, about private tutoring on your own boat, about the spinnaker (which his advice seems to be "just keep in the bag, its not worth the grief"), and about wooden boats (there is a nice salty looking wooden boat that just got launched that day with a family crawling all over her). Stayed from about 2-6, got a lot done, fixed the side rail with the stainless screws I purchased at Lowes, gave the deck a thorough washing, and pretty much just puttered around all day. Thinking maybe I could talk the crew into taking her out on Friday if schedules permit. This upcoming weekend is once again, booked solid.

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