Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Daysail

Terri, Tim, Candy & Lady arrived out in Muskegon on Monday morning around 11ish, and after making the usual preparations, exited the slip without mishap and hit the lake by noon. Not too many boats out, considering the beautiful weather and Memorial Day weekend, but the crowds picked up later in the afternoon. We motored across Lake Muskegon towards the channel, stopping for a 'rescue mission' when we spotted a stray boat fender floating in the lake, which Terri retreived with our fishing net (should make a nice extra protection on the dock). We were a bit nervous about whether there would be enough wind to sail, Lake Muskegon didn't look very promising, but out on the big lake we found some nice pleasant sailing winds, and we headed north by northwest doing around 4 knots most of the way. Candy had packed a nice little picnic lunch which we ate on our northward leg of the daysail (Tim keeping an eye on a sailboat on our starboard aft side which we seemed to be in a race with for most of the sail). We got probably about halfway to White Lake when we eventually turned back around and headed for home, sails up most of the way, until the wind died about the time we reached the Muskegon channel, so we switched back on the motor and headed back around 2-3 in the afternoon.

We ended up sharing the channel with a rather large freighter on the way out to Lake Michigan, and we saw lots of wildlife today, a large group of swans being fed in the channel, plus a flock of canadian geese out on the big lake taking off from a swimming position when we got within 100 feet of them. Lady got a lot of laughs from the pedestrians on the pier with her yellow boat coat, and got to pose for a holiday snap or two.

A beautiful afternoon's sail, a nice lunch, a bit of sun and fresh air. Thinking I may need to come out sometime soon to do a dedicated job of sprucing up the brightwork. I brought my sander and left it on the boat, perhaps I can find some upcoming weekend or not too busy weekday evening to come out alone and do some work on her, some of the woodwork is starting to look a bit shabby.

(photo, top) 'Sausage Dog' in her yellow 'Fido Float' boat coat resting on top of the cabin

(photo, middle) Tim at the helm, with the freighter passing behind us, presumably for the Coal Plant at the end of Lake Muskegon

(photo, bottom) Candy and Lady on deck just as we were noticing who we were going to be sharing the channel with.

(used battery #2 - a little over half a tank of diesel when we left the slip)

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