Sunday, June 27, 2004

Global Positioning

June 27 - Arrived late Sunday around 4:30. Weather clear, warm with light winds. Motored out the channel, then sailed down to about P.J. Hoffmaster State Park to the south. We had just gotten a hand held GPS tracker the previous week, and it seems to be a good investment. Terri seems to enjoy tracking our position, and speed, and it may come in handy on our upcoming trip to South Haven over the Fourth of July Weekend. Our Slip's Global Coordinates are: N 43 13.077' WO 86 19.192'. We can either set it for MPH or Nautical Miles. Had a nice pleasant sail this afternoon, the waves were much calmer, wind light but steady. Also did a nice job pulling in and pulling out of the slip this time. Perhaps we are getting the hang of this after all. Best of all, no fights broke out.

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