Saturday, July 2, 2005

Fourth of July Overnight to Whitehall

July 2 - Tim, Terri, Keenan & Lady. Battery number one is still having problems holding a charge. Not sure what the problem is. Heading to White Lake for an overnight sail. Used battery 2 to start up but then switched over to 1 to charge it up. Left the slip at 12 noon, clear sunny skies and 72 degrees with very light wind. Leaving the channel we passed a big freighter (The 'Fred D. White Jr.'), plus there were a lot of spinnakers out on the big lake. Wish we knew how to use ours, might've come in handy on the trip. Sailed all the way to the White Lake channel entrance, averaging about 5 knots, and then motored across White Lake to get to the Municipal Marina, hoping to charge up battery 1.

Put it on shore power once we were moored (a fair to good job of tying up at the dock). Spent some time over at the Kroes compound, drinking wine, and the boys playing with bottle rockets. Then at around 7:30 we had dinner at Dog n Suds. Lady did great on the trip up here, makes a nice boat dog with her regular bathroom stops. Got a wafting odor of 'contraband materials' from the powerboat moored next to us, but otherwise they weren't particularly obnoxious. Pleasant evening, tired from a busy day. Cribbage and then to our berths.

July 3 - Exit from the marina wasn't so smooth, the boat didn't seem to want to cooperate. Still having problems with battery 1 even though it was on the charger all night. Are we doing something wrong? Could the battery already need replacing after only one year?? The sail south to Muskegon was problematic, poor wind, tried tacking back and forth but gave up and motored when we couldn't make any forward progress. Very hot today, sunburns, seasickness, some very tired puppies when we eventually pulled into Muskegon Lake. Have left the battery on the charger when we left.

July 9 - Tim came out by himself, worked on the brightwork, switched the battery charger to #2. The teak is looking mighty nice. Very hot and dry weather this year. Hard working in this oppresive heat.

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