Monday, May 14, 2007

Spring Preparations

April 22 - Took our first trip out to see Fanny this spring. The repairs have been made to the side and bow pulpit, and the insurance company came through with the coverage. She once again looks mighty pretty (at least on her starboard side), and besides repairing the damage from the storm last fall, they also cleaned up the damage done by the starboard block in '06 and the gouge we put in her side on our very first season. Tim and Terri painted the bottom with two cans of VC-17 (the rust didn't look too bad this year, so we let that go for now), and Tim may have to go back to do a little touch up job on the paint job in a few weeks. Boat is scheduled for launch the week of May 13. The varnish from a couple years ago is starting to show a few signs of age, so we may have to do a little maintenance on that this spring, plus I'd like to continue to work on the rest of the brightwork in the cockpit.

May 6 - Terri and Keenan both working at the Civic for a tech rehearsal all day today, so I went out to Muskegon to finish up the prep work for the boat launch. Finished up the bottom paint, cleaned the topsides, and did a little work on the varnish. I may need to go back down to bare wood again on the rails, I tried just sanding down the rough spots and giving it a new coat of varnish, but I'm not sure how good it looks, or how long it will last with this technique. Did a little scraping on the 'side rails' above the windows, and tried a little varnish on it to see how it looks, but once again, I think I may need to attack it with the 'hand sander'. I also did a little repair work where one of the side rails was peeling away from the side, replacing a screw and tightening it back down so it doesn't stick out and become a 'snagging' hazard. All in all worked on the boat about 3-4 hours and was quite tired when I got done, so headed out to Checkers for a cheap lunch before hitting a few disc golf courses.

Talked for a while to Matt, who had a mishap with his boat on the friendly Torreson rusty iron docks, bending a stanchion and gouging some fiberglass. He seems to have some real issues with the Marina staff, and loves to bend your ear. Talked to Captain Jim for a brief spell as we met over the 'trash bins', the sailing class starts tomorrow, but he's a bit concerned because Pandora isn't in the water yet. Going to be some miffed students in the morning, I'm sure -- we'll see how long he can stall them, and they'll probably get a bonus lesson in installing sails (which I wish we had gotten when we took the class). Ready for launch now, should be sometime in the next few weeks.

May 14 - Got the call today from Torreson, our boat has been launched - thinking I'll take a trip out there sometime this week to make sure the docklines are done correctly, and do a little work on the woodwork, put up the sails if the weather is suitable. Thinking of setting up a 'yolk' like Matt has set up in his slip, as an extra precaution against scraping the sides when we pull into the slip.

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